Quora & Reddit Outreach for SEO and Increased Shop Visibility

What is Quora and Reddit?

Quora is a crowd-sourced question and answer website. You an ask any question, on any topic or niche, and bound to get an answer.
Reddit is considered the "front page of the internet". It is a site composed of mini forums on specific topics that are created, moderated, and managed by the users.

Why Use Quora and Reddit?

- Pages of Quora questions that have been answered of often ranking on Google. Quora does a great job of getting organic traffic that you can plug into.
- Answering questions on Quora can be niche-specific and targeted.
- You can directly link to your blog or shop (provided I source or refer to it)

- Reddit, like Quora, has endless, active communities in highly specific niches and topics.
- People often search Google by adding "reddit" to their search because they trust reddit more than sponsored blogs and articles
- The traffic is largely untapped due to how difficult it can be to advertise on the site. I know how to do it.

What Results Can I Get?

  • Another bonus with Quora and Reddit, your comments and posts can have a long lifespan. This makes your links active well after you posted
  • Strong traffic potential of people interested in your niche or products
  • I cannot make any guarantee any specific results, but from my personal experience working with various sites, I recommend at least giving these platforms a chance to see how they perform or you.

What does the package include?

  • For a week, I will make targeted posts on Quora and Reddit. They will not be spammy. Instead, they will be thoughtful and relevant to the question or original post.
  • During this week, I will make several posts a day. Expect a range of 2-5 daily.
  • I'll include a report of each post in a spreadsheet as proof of work completed

It will be your choice to provide me an account to use on the platforms (whether your own or a fresh business one) or letting me use my own personal account.

Why Hire Me?

  • I spent a few months this year answering one question on Quora a day and it really gave my websites a boost in traffic and Google ranking
  • Any time I post a link on Reddit I see an increase in traffic
  • I am a website developer turned freelance organic SEO and content creator
  • I run 2 Etsy shops myself plus several blogs
Examples/Portfolio URL : https://paulineorr.com
Years Experience: 2-5 years
Seller Sales (# Of Sales) Volume: 101-500
Delivery time :
Within 24 hours
24-48 hours
3-5 days
5-7 days
7-10 days
10+ days
Other (message us first)

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