How to price your artwork - 60 Minute Consultations

What are you selling when you sell art?

There is a significant difference between selling artwork and selling consumer products. The #1 mistake that artists make is that they try to sell art as consumer products and that inevitably leads to starvation. I like to think that no artist needs to be starving, so I decided to offer my knowledge of the art world combined with deep sales psychology to help you learn to sell art.

This coaching/consulting call will help you position yourself as an artist and learn to sell your work with confidence. Confidence is the keyword here, and this is what makes artists struggle. What we will do is discuss the value of your work, your goals and ideal outcome and your fears and insecurities regarding selling and marketing. We'll break stereotypes about selling and question limiting beliefs. We'll talk about your work and how to share your story. Most importantly, we'll address your WHY.

It's not just about putting a price tag on your work. It's about learning to feel good selling and also to feel good when not selling. Art is not for everyone, you know? I want to help you step into your highest power and be able to offer with integrity, so you can build a business you love. Not the one that frustrates you or leaves you hungry.

My goal is to help artists claim their value, make a sustainable income and continue to create while making a living doing what they love.

How it works:

  • Before the call, I'll send you a list of questions. Some are intangible like "What is your ideal outcome?" and others are precise like "How much does it cost you to create one piece of artwork?" (You need to find the exact numbers for this one.) All questions are there to make you think and help you get clarity. Having the answers ready will save us some time during the call so we can focus on solving problems.
  • We'll set the date and the time for the call. You'll need to set up Zoom if you already haven't.
  • We'll chat for 60 minutes at the chosen time about how to sell your art and why it's worth buying.
  • As a bonus, I offer one follow up by email if you come up with any questions after the consultations.

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