General Ecommerce Strategy Session On ZOOM

I've spent the last 20 years building websites and working on a vast array of creative projects in New York and Toronto. That includes designing massive e-commerce websites for retail brands in Manhattan, as well as sites for artists, boutiques, cafes, handmade shops, and start-ups. I was the Strategic Country Director for two different start-ups in Manhattan.  Since then, I've done freelance strategic consulting for international organizations, boutique businesses, and individual creators. 

The child of a therapist and an analytic number theorist, I bring a unique combination of left-brain and right-brain skills to every consultation.  Whether you're struggling with unifying your brand voice and design, improving conversion rates, or finding ways to streamline your production flow and create better sales funnels, I can help.  We'll think through your pain points together and come up with an actionable plan to level up your business.

What To Expect In This Zoom Strategy Session

Some people come to me with a particular issue that needs solving.  Others prefer to start by showing me their shop and getting a general critique and list of high-priority improvements.  

1.  Vision & Innovation

We'll discuss your business flow, goals, and pain points.  I'll get you outside of your own perspective so we can brainstorm improvements that will increase both your productivity and your quality of life.

2.  We'll Assess The Old

We'll take a look at your shop (if you have one) to see how we can improve as you grow into the next phase of your business.  We'll talk about visuals, brand voice, colors, and innovative techniques and products you can try to connect better with your customers.

3. We'll Plan for The New

I will send you a private link to your very own SMART Goals Printable.  It's a tool I created for my former students in NYC, and it's designed to help you reverse engineer the outcome you want in a series of manageable steps.  During our session, I'll cover how to use this worksheet to get your *@#$% together like a boss, so you can level up your business.

I've Lived About a "Million" Lives & Can Help With a Vast Array of Problems


Over the years, I've been a librarian, an editor, a visual artist, a professional musician, a brick and mortar salesperson (always #1 in sales), an international strategic consultant, and a professor (I've taught all levels up to and including Masters).  I've designed and created numerous courses and educational programs in various fields.  Most recently, I was the founder and Director of a 76-teacher cultural program at a school funded by Columbia University in Harlem. As you can see from this unusual list of qualifications, I have done a LOT of different things.  It's usually because I get called into companies and organizations to brainstorm, teach, program, or solve one small problem, then they see what I can do and put me in charge of redesigning their entire system.  I love this kind of challenge and am always looking for the next interesting project my brain can chew on... Maybe it's yours!

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