Automate Your Etsy Shop: Step by Step Plan!

Ready to AUTOMATE Your Etsy Shop??

Then sit back and collect your money? Sounds great, right??!?

I worked side by side with Jenni (the Tribehire creator and CEO) to make this platform come to life! That means I know ALL the sellers here, and exactly what they can (or can't!) do for your shop.

So if you want to AUTOMATE YOUR SHOP step-by-step, and get rid of those pesky Etsy tasks that make you CRINGE...


This 30-Minute Session Is All You Need to Get Custom Advice!

My job is to ASK QUESTIONS and get to the root of what's preventing you from getting where you want to be on Etsy (or amazon, or your own website!)

For some people, that means focusing on more sales.

And for other people, it's more complex than that... And it involves things like family, making more time for you, and figuring out how to MAKE WORK FEEL LIKE A VACATION.

Bottom Line: Something about your situation IS NOT working for you right now, so let's fix it before it drags you under!

I don't let people talk about their problems and then do nothing about them. I help sellers find EASY and DO-ABLE ways to take action! That's what I use our time together for.

What Should I Expect from this Call?

Once I finish asking you questions and getting to know your shop, we can talk about the BIG change you want to create:

  1. What Etsy / e-commerce tasks do you HATE?? Can we outsource those? If so, let's do it first!

  2. We'll look at what you're currently doing and see if there are any BIG opportunities you're missing. Then we'll talk about what it would take to AUTOMATE those instead of doing them yourself!

  3. Finally, I'll give you SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS on exactly who you should hire. I know all the sellers here, which means I can help you pick your perfect match (or matches!)

Why Should I Work with You, Chris??

I started on Etsy back in 2014, and now (over 7000 Etsy sales later) I am the Etsy therapist in residence for the Subscriber Tribe!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can read about the Tribe here.

Being the expert in residence mean that means I've interviewed, helped, and boosted the Etsy shop of over 1200 SELLERS IN THE LAST TWO YEARS!

Translation? If your Etsy shop is causing a problem, I've seen it before, and I know how to help you fix it!

Looking for a Monthly Pack of Etsy Therapy Sessions?

Once you've completed a longer session with me, we can keep you on track monthly with the set below ⇣

Get Monthly Etsy Therapy Sessions Here

Sellers say these sessions "keep me motivated" -- and they're designed to keep you on track.

You'll always have someone to run your ideas by, and make sure you're doing the high value tasks instead of wasting your time.

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