I will provide a FULL critique for your BRAND NEW etsy shop

I will critique your BRAND NEW etsy shop, A FULL shop audit, making suggestions for improvements [according to etsy's most current algorithm], noting anything that you may have missed or might want to take advantage of!

Hi, I'm Aleta. I have three etsy shops in 2 niches - the oldest is 8 years - and have been advising other entrepreneurs on starting out or making improvements to their own shops [on etsy, shopify and online] for the last 6 years.

I have my finger on the pulse as to what's working right now on etsy, and am always updating and furthering my knowledge.

In this critique I will look at and provide a thorough analysis of the following for you:

including ▬►
• shop
• logo
• banner
• written content
○ overall shop cohesion
○ shop curation

including ::-
- proof read
- product photography
- suggestions for SEO (including keywords)
- (if applicable) Identify anything against Etsy's rules and regulations
- best practices within your niche

including ::-
- product categories according to your niche
- SEO friendliness
- any gaps in etsy's 'best practices'

including ::
- repeat customers
- exposure
- driving traffic
- increasing profit margins

Any further suggestions not already mentioned (if applicable)

I will then provide you with a digital pdf report, expanding on each category as mentioned above.

After Checkout : -

  • Please provide me with your email address.

  • If you do not wish to have feedback on any of the mentioned sections, then just let me know.

  • Please provide me with your etsy shop name and link.

  • Let me know if there's any particular area you would like me to look at and if you have any specific questions.

I of course can't guarantee an increase in sales, however, if you take action on each of the points as described, then you should see a positive improvement within your store.

The advice I will provide will help you know where to focus your efforts for the most reward.

Your critique will be based on my own learning, personal experience and my opinions.

This is not by any means a quick-fix, you will need to put in the work, time and effort yourself. However with some guidance, hard work and patience I do believe that success on Etsy is very much achievable.

I recommend taking a screenshot of your stats page before you make any amendments to your shop. Make sure it's dated! Then again at 30 and 90 days, once you've made all of the changes that you want to, using my personalised suggestions. Doing this will guarantee that you see the difference utilising a full shop critique will make.

Thank you for your order.

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Sarah McKay

3 days ago

Aleta did the Etsy audit for me and I was blown away by the level of detail she provided!

The audit gave me pages and pages of actionable suggestions to take my shop to the next level. Her knowledge is second to none when it comes to the inside workings of Etsy and the things shop owners can do to maximise their chances of success.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this audit to anyone who needs an extra pair of eyes on their shop to give them some wise and practical advice. Thank you so much Aleta!

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