✅ Nicole Stork-Hestad, Money Coach

Is money keeping you up at night?

Do you wake up breathless because you're worried about finances...But you have no idea how to make those scary pangs in your chest go away?

Hi! I'm Nicole, and I help people identify and OVERCOME bad money habits...You know, those things that you keep doing even though you know they're hurting you?? Yeah, that's the stuff we can put a STOP to together!

If you have patterns that are causing you stress, I want to help you leave them behind (once and for all) so you can live your best (and RICHEST!) life.

Ready to see what I'm all about? Let's talk about what you need to live BETTER, starting today!
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I Offer Money Sessions to Fix the Big Problems

I am happy to talk about ANYTHING that's going on with you.

This is a NO JUDGMENT zone. But here are some examples of what I talk about with clients:

  • Creating more income in a business, or fixing a business that isn't profitable.
  • Personal money issues (overspending, debt, trouble saving, not sure what to do about retirement, etc)
  • Money-related things you are AFRAID of doing (making a big investment to grow your business, going back to school, figuring out what the BEST use of your money is)
  • Help for couples: when you add another person with their own money issues, problems are bound to pop up! We can find a way to get you both on the same page, living a peaceful financial life.
  • If you want to figure out how to create MORE money on a regular basis, we can find ways to make it happen.

If you can think of it, I'm happy to chat about it.

Ready to STOP the stress? Try a Consultation Here.

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Nicole is excellent -- I hired her to chat with my husband who's having some issues making progress in his day to day life. This was so helpful because obviously, your loved ones never listen to YOUR advice! Nicole gets to the root of problems you don't even know you have, and you feel LIGHTER...Like you know exactly how to attack the problem afterwards!