SEO Keywords/Tags for Etsy Shop Listings

Getting customers to find your items in a sea of Etsy products requires adding the right keywords and search terms to all of your item listings.

Let's face it, doing keyword research and digging to find the right ones takes a lot of time and patience! You know you need to do it, but how do you start, and where do you find the time

Why should you be using your precious time searching for Search Engine Optimization keywords and tags, when you could be using that time to be creative, make sales and ship items out to customers?

Don't risk getting your Etsy shop lost in the shuffle by guessing at keywords that may or may not help your listing get in front of the eyes of someone who really wants your product.

I will take the guess work out of it by using Etsy specific keyword tools to provide you with the best keywords for your shop items.

For many listings, I am able to provide 10-20 keywords per listing that are lower competition, and have high search volume. This means people are using these words to find products like yours, so you get more traffic and have a higher chance of making the sale.

Just provide me with your Etsy shop URL and/or a description of your product that you are currently selling or looking to sell.

If you have a shop of similar listings, you will receive a list of 150 keywords/tags that you can use throughout your shop listings in your descriptions, titles and tags. I will highlight specific tags for specific listings if applicable.

Please contact me if you only have a few listings in your shop, as I want to provide you with the best value.

Examples/Portfolio URL :
Years Experience: 2-5 years
Seller Sales (# Of Sales) Volume: 101-500
Delivery time :
Within 24 hours
24-48 hours
3-5 days
5-7 days
7-10 days
10+ days
Other (message us first)

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