Product Description Template

If you have many designs on the same type of product, you can save a lot of time and energy by having a custom made product description template. These templates work for Print-on-demand stores, one-product stores, niche stores and everywhere where you have many variations of the same item.

A product description template contains information about your product that doesn't change for individual variations. This info can be materials, sizing, shipping times, custom options, returns and anything else that's valid for all the products of this type.

If you run a POD store, I can research information directly from your POD service's website and write the most accurate description based on their guidelines.

You can customize your description for each variation by adding a paragraph about that variation with relevant keywords. This adjustment is optional, and your description template will be SEO optimized and ready to use as is. This additional tweak will help you get the best results, as your listings will not compete with each other. If you want me to do this for you, please contact me.

My description templates are engaging and with customers in mind. I try to answer any questions a customer might have. They have 150 words and, I check for spelling and grammar errors with Grammarly. They are SEO optimized and ready to use instantly. You can easily customize each listing for optimal results.

How it works:

  • Send me the link to your store and the link to the product for which you want the description template. If you use a POD service, add the link to the selected product on the POD service's website.
  • If I have questions about your listings, I will contact you. My goal is to write the most accurate, engaging and detailed description that will appeal to any customer.
  • In up to 2 days, your description template will be ready.

Click to see an example from my Etsy store.

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