4x Pack of Etsy Therapy Sessions

In This Package, You Get FOUR 20-Minute Sessions, to be Used in One Month

Each session is 20 minutes long, and it's designed to help you STAY on track once we complete a longer, more detailed call.

You can find those longer calls here ⇣
I offer 30 Minute Etsy Therapy Sessions
Or you can get a 60 Minute Etsy Session

Need a bit of Etsy THERAPY??

I started on Etsy back in 2014, and now (over 7000 Etsy sales later) I am the Etsy therapist in residence for the Subscriber Tribe!

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, you can read about the Tribe here

Being the expert in residence mean that means I've interviewed, helped, and boosted the Etsy shop of over 1200 sellers in the last two years!

Translation? If your Etsy shop is causing a problem, I've seen it before, and I know how to help you fix it!

What Do I Get in an Etsy Therapy Session?

My job is to ASK QUESTIONS and get to the root of what's preventing you from getting where you want to be.

For some people, that means focusing on more sales.

And for other people, it's more complex than that... And it involves things like family, making more time for you, and figuring out what feels right for you.

Bottom Line: I will hold you accountable for creating the change you WANT

I don't let people talk about their problems and then do nothing about them. I help sellers find EASY and DO-ABLE ways to take action! That's what I use our time together for.

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