I Will Add 30 Listings For You

When it comes to adding listings to your Etsy shop, the task can feel NEVER-ENDING.

We all fall behind on listings sometimes! Why not let me do the bulk of the work for you?

I will add 30 listings to your shop in the same style as your other listings.

Then I will save them as drafts!

Is creating new listings on Etsy a task you avoid? Take the stress out of your life and let me help you!

Well-written item listings convince customers that you are a professional seller who is ready to send them a beautiful product!

I enjoy writing engaging, sale-worthy listings that make people press the ‘buy’ button.

For this package, I'll create thirty ‘done for you’ item listings.

These listings can be repurposed by you for the same item in a different style or color, giving you maximum value. For example, if you sell pearl earrings in a slightly different style you can reuse one of my listings and re-use it without having to go in and create a completely new product listing. Simple!

What will you get?

I will:

Create THIRTY complete, ready-to-publish item listings for your shop, waiting in your drafts for you to hit the publish button!

I will research the keywords and tags for each item to ensure your item is SEO friendly and gets found in product searches

Each listing will have an item title to help it get found in search

Each listing will have relevant category and listing details (for example category, color, suitable occasion and size details)

Each listing will have a product description that is at least 200 words long for SEO purposes

Each listing will have 13 researched product tags.

Each listing will be written in conversational English, proofread and spelling mistake free.

In order to supply you with this package you will need to send me:

Product information! This can be over a conference call, email or any other format that we agree on.

Product photos so I can add them to your listing I will need you to send me answers to any additional questions I may have to complete your listings.

I will need log in details to your Etsy account so that I can add your listings to your shop as drafts. For safety, I recommend you create a strong temporary password while we work together that you change once your package is complete.

Why hire me?

I spend my Days Playing on Social Media, and Creating Serious Buzz for Companies with 10,000+ Followers. Let Me Do the Same for You!

Once I finish creating listings for you (in the same style as your previous listings)...You then can go in and make any edits you'd like and post.

Just Need a FEW Listings? Try this option instead:

I'll add 10 Listings for You Here

Examples/Portfolio URL : https://www.etsy.com/shop/MoonaBoutique
Years Experience: 2-5 years
Seller Sales (# Of Sales) Volume: 0-100
Delivery time :
Within 24 hours
24-48 hours
3-5 days
5-7 days
7-10 days
10+ days
Other (message us first)

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