Information about Tribe Hire

How it works

How it works

It's easy to get started using Tribe Hire! You can get started by creating an account in a few clicks and then browse services or easily add yours to our marketplace. 

We're currently offering a FREE 60 day trial to our first sellers! There's no initial credit card or payment needed to start. Start offering your services by clicking on "Add your services" at the top right. Please note our team reviews all listings prior to approving.   

Here are a few tips when using Tribe Hire as an Expert:
1. You can create a listing for your service offerings and packages so others can request to hire you for these through a listing. You can also create a listing for consultation sessions. Please be specific in each and accurately describe what you are offering. 
2. Be descriptive in your listings so others can get a good idea of your capabilities, past work, and how you can help them. 
3. Please do not add external links to contact as we try to keep communication and bookings on our platform (that's what we're for!). 

See our Fuzzy & Birch blog post that's a guide to creating the best listings on Tribe Hire here

Fees, Payments, and Disputes

Subscription Fees: 

Tribe Hire is currently offering a FREE 60 day trial to our first users to get started offering and selling services on our marketplace. At 60 days, we will require a subscription in order to have active listings on our marketplace. The subscription fee will be ($) month and billed semi-annually, so a checkout payment of ($) to be made every six-months. 

Transaction Fees: 

To keep the lights on, we do charge a 10% transaction fee + the PayPal fee. The PayPal fee is based on your accounts fees and is usually around 2.9%. 

In the event that there is a dispute, you are covered by PayPal's buyer and seller protection. For this reason, we use PayPal as the form of payment for all sales.

For the safety and security of our community, we also do not tolerate transactions to be taken off of our site. Sending your personal information, contact information, email, etc is prohibited in messages and you will be removed from our site if you do so.

Community Rules

1. Respect all other members and do not send offensive, spam, or threatening messages, leave comments, or any other form of offensive communication.
2. Only list your own services and/or services you are qualified for. 
3. In general, this is a community online but treat all other members like you would if speaking with them in person.
4. Try to answer all messages timely
5. Do not send contact information prior to a confirmed booking and/or take transactions off our platform. 
6. Be timely in delivering your services and communication with others. 

If you ever have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us through the site and we will promptly reply.