✅ Chris Lancaster

So I'm Chris, I am, most of the time, an extroverted person who loves to make people laugh.

I REALLY love to help people (YOU) realize their full potential (yes that does sound like I am about to win a pageant).

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly aware that it feels like, at times, people are willing to tear us down far quicker than lift us up.

The wonderful truth is that there is far more positive out there than negative, it's just harder to see. I love helping people FIND and CREATE more positive every single day!

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Chris was great! Gave me a lot of clarity and a clear path to action! Thank you!

Carolina about listing ⭐️ 60 Minute Etsy Therapy Session 2 months ago.

Very helpful and informative! Chris was wonderful to work with! I would definitely work with him again in the future, too!

Krissy about listing ⭐️ 60 Minute Etsy Therapy Session 8 months ago.

Chris knows his stuff and he's earned that knowledge through personal seller experience and now being professional etsy coach.

He presents feedback honestly and cheerfully.

Its so helpful to speak to someone who knows what information is useful, what is out of date, and to help prioritize next steps. I'll be back.

Arin about listing ⭐️ 60 Minute Etsy Therapy Session 1 year ago.