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Hi There, I'm Carol

As an online business manager, I work with creative entrepreneurs like you who are exhausted doing everything in their business.

I run one to one sessions with business owners just like you, to work out what your most pressing needs are and what’s driving you crazy.

Together we can develop a strategy and a 90 day plan that frees time for you to focus on growing your business.

Here's what people are saying about Carol's services:

Jenni Waldrop - Fuzzy and Birch

Working with Carol changed my progress in just 90 days. I was doing too much in the business and not seeing progress. I was stressed and stuck. She listened to my problems and showed me how to solve them. She held me accountable for meeting deadlines. More came off my plate, freeing me to focus on strategy. Now I have the confidence to grow my business.

Judy VanGinkel - Every Child Succeeds

Carol was professional, organized, and focused on what I wanted to achieve. By managing the many small details, she earned my trust and left me free to focus on leading the business

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